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  • Weatherbond Algae Guard

  • Weatherbond Algae Guard
    • Green Label Singapore
    • No Odour
    • Near Zero VOC
  • 'Weatherbond Algae Guard' by Nippon Paints is a specially formulated exterior paint that provides ultimate protection to your walls against harsh weather conditions such as the extreme heat and rain experienced in tropical countries like Sri Lanka. Weatherbond Algae Guard offers your home long lasting colour protection and keeps the walls free from dirt accumulation and algae growth.

Product Features

  • Easy application with good leveling property
  • Long lasting
  • Tough and durable 
  • Excellent resistance to fungus and algae growth
  • Excellent resistance to water, dirt, alkali, chemicals and peeling
  • Anti-carbonation formula to protect against fading of wall colour
  • Excellent adhesion on stable surfaces
  • Water-based paint
  • No Lead or Mercury added

Projects that uses this product