Personality Quiz

What’s your favourite colour or colour combination? Does it match your personality and character? Take Nippon Paint’s Colour Personality Quiz and find out what these colours mean and which colour theme suits you best.

Each individual is attracted to different colours for varied reasons and these colours are directly related to their personality, behavioural styles and values. This simple quiz developed by Nippon Paint will help you to determine the colour preferences that best matches your personality and character.

There are only 7 questions and there is no right or wrong answers. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to find out which colour suits your personality best! Find out and Get Inspired!

Question 1 of 7

After a hard day's work, you are most likely to:

Question 2 of 7

Your closest friends would describe you as:

Question 3 of 7

Your favorite style of dressing would be:

Question 4 of 7

You just won an all-expense paid trip. It would be:

Question 5 of 7

When it comes to book you prefer to read, it would to be:

Question 6 of 7

You are at a social party. You would be:

Question 7 of 7

How would you describe yourself? Choose two from the below: